Ordering Unit Trusts with CCASA Saves Accountants Time

This blog was written prior to our merger, and the contact information refers to our CCASA website. To contact us, please email hello@primecc.com.au.

Ordering Unit Trusts with CCASA Saves Accountants Time

Life got a lot easier for accounting firms when we developed our CCASA Docs online platform. Accountants can order customised company compliance documents online using simple and secure forms, and have them legally approved and returned in under two hours. And now we’re excited to announce the newest feature of CCASA Docs—Unit Trusts.

Unit Trusts are important for companies that own certain assets because they hold these assets in trust according to a tailored Trust Deed for the benefit of the Unit Holders. As well as asset protection, other benefits of a Unit Trust may include minimising income tax and capital gain tax. Unit Holders are issued units (like shares) that determine their interest in the assets and income of the trust in proportion to the number of units held. The units can be easily transferred or re-acquired depending on individual circumstances.

Our developers have been hard at work to streamline the complex Unit Trust process within our customised ordering system—we now ask you less questions but still obtain all the information we need to supply your Unit Trust documents quickly. And—like all our legal documents—Unit Trust documents are completed and approved by our highly qualified lawyers. As well as this, client managers, lawyers and administrators can track your order all the way through to approval and delivery.

In addition to Unit Trusts, you can also order legal compliance documents relating to Companies, Discretionary (or Family) Trusts, Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) and, of course, Business Names. Anyone can use CCASA Docs as a ‘pay as you go’ client (unless you are a credit customer on separate trading terms with CCASA).

Larger firms that order more than eight documents a month can now also opt in to a monthly subscription license by paying a set fee of $2,500+GST per month. This gives you online access to as many compliance documents as you choose or, for a small fee, we can print and post your documents to you.

Contact Craig at craig@ccasa.com.au or Lisa at lisa@ccasa.com.au if you’re not sure whether a Unit Trust is the right option for your company. If you’re ready to go, log in to our simple online ordering system and be amazed how quick and easy it is to have your Unit Trust documents ready to go. Documents are generated based on the instructions received. We recommend you seek legal and/or accounting clarification on the documents and how they can be used in your personal circumstances.

And feel free to offer any feedback on our CCASA Docs platform by emailing hello@ccasa.com.au. We’d love to hear from you!

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